Zanzibar: Useful Information

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

Zanzibar Useful Information

Currency - Visitors can take in to Zanzibar any amount of foreign currency and no currency declaration is required. Major credit cards are accepted in the larger hotels but it is advisable to carry cash. importing and exporting of Tanzanian Shillings is against the law. You can exchange foreign currency in cash or by travelers’ cheques at any branch of the commercial banks or through authorized dealers and at Bureaux de Change (“forex bureaux”), at the international airports, major towns, and border posts.

Customs, Duty-Free Items - Duty free allowances are 195 cigarettes, 45 cigars or 245 grammes of tobacco plus 0.75 ml of spirits, provided the traveler is over 16. Personal effects, including binoculars, cameras and film, may be brought in free of duty. A custom’s bond may be demanded from those bringing in video/ filming equipment, radios, tape recorders and musical instruments to ensure the goods are re-exported. Firearms require a special permit. Visitors buying local handcraft must keep sales receipts for presentation to customs officials on departure.

General Security Matters - visitors and tourists should be very careful with personal belongings in cities and where thugary incidences occur they should report them to the nearest Police Station. That being said Zanzibar is part of the republic of Tanzania which is reputed to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world, and characterized as a Stable political system.

Health - The British Department of Health recommends vaccinations against hepatitis A, polio and typhoid. As a tourist to Zanzibar Island, you must without question take a course of anti-malaria tablets, commencing two weeks before travel. There is no option here. If you don’t as with any tropical area, the chance of being infected with malaria after sustaining even a few bites from mosquitoes is quite high. Visitors from countries infected with yellow fever must produce international certificates of vaccination; this is particularly relevant for those traveling from neighbouring African countries. If visiting Zanzibar from mainland Tanzania, a yellow fever certificate must be produced.

Telephone – If you want to call to Zanzibar Tanzania, Tanzania’s country code is 255. After that you need to dial a city code as follows: Zanzibar is 54, Dar es Salaam is 51, Arusha is 57, Tanga is 53, and Moshi is 55. In major towns, there are facilities for local and international calls, either through communication companies or by phone cards.

Local Time on Zanzibar Island - GMT 3 hours

Electricity on Zanzibar Island - 230 volts AC, 50 Hz