Zanzibar: Food Guide - Dining Out

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

Zanzibar Food Guide - Dining Out

If you are adventurous and want to subsist on local food while on your holiday in Zanzibar, Zanzibaris will generously respond. All one has to do is ask, keeping in mind that you are expected to pay for local food brought to you. One of Zanzibar's most common local dishes is ugali, a paste the consistency of hard mashed potatoes, made from corn flour, and eaten with a fish meat bean or local green (similar to spinach) stew.

On Zanzibar Island, traditional dishes of seafood cooked in coconut milk sauces are available all over the island. Early in the morning in Zanzibar Town, vendors sell morning porridge called uji, it’s thin, and sweet and takes some getting used to. The morning vendors also sell bread and hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and Mkate wa kumimina is bread made from a recipe exclusive to the people of Zanzibar Island. Fresh Mkate tastes great with hot sweet tea in the morning. In the morning after fighting off buzzing mozzies all night a good way to keep awake is buying a couple of rounds from portable coffee vendor people walking around clinking their little coffee cups to advertise and carrying with them a constantly hot kettle of coffee. They keep it hot by wiring a couple of glowing coals directly to the kettle.

Zanzibar Town and its old quarter, Stone Town, on Ujumba island has a number of good restaurants as well, for dining out in Zanzibar, that cater specifically for tourists with curries, seafood and local dishes all ready for your discerning pallet. There are some more obscure restaurants all through town that locals go to. It’s fun to go to these for a tasty yet relatively inexpensive meal. The menu usually has a choice between two dishes. Local spices are found in many local dishes