Zanzibar: Crime

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

Zanzibar Crime

First and foremost; be careful not to walk the streets at night alone, this invites trouble. As with all cities, Zanzibar has its own crime. It’s been on the rise. Quite simply don’t take your valuables on holiday with you. If you take expensive jewellery, make sure it is locked up, or at least hidden from sight. If some confronts you, don’t resist, but also try to report any incident to the police as soon as possible. Zanzibari police are sometimes quite arrogant and rude, but they generally do attempt to recover your property. Some Zanzibar newspapers have printed articles warning simply that women who dress immodestly may be subject to harassment. As in Dar es Salaam, Americans in Zanzibar should avoid political rallies or related public gatherings. The potential for political related violence should not be overlooked.