Zanzibar: Nightlife

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

Because of the traditional influence of Muslim culture, Zanzibar Nightlife does not have a typical western flair. But this is gradually changing, to accommodate the tastes of the growing number of visitors to the island. There are a few establishments around town frequented by young Zanzibaris and tourists alike. One is the Garage Club (for reference, it is next to the Fisherman Restaurant), another is the Komba Discotheque at Bwawani Hotel, and another yet is the Starehe Club. For those in search of a more quiet form of entertainment for the night, there are Blues featured at the Forodhani waterfront, and at the roof-top bar at the Africa House.

Zi Bar (and again for your reference, it is right next to the Victoria Guest House), is a good place to meet people of similar tastes in milder music. The Msasani Bar at the Serena Inn, is a good place to meet up with fellow entertainment seekers. The Fisherman Resort near the Airport has live band playing most nights, it is 15 minutes from town is a great place to consider if you like your music live. Pichy's Pizzeria and Bar, provide a drink by the sea. The Blues Restaurant has good food as well as good blues music. If you are looking for local entertainment, check the Old Arab Fort for schedules of performances of traditional music or perhaps Zanzibari dance classes.

Find here a local drumming and dancing performance, called an ‘Ngoma’, or even a ‘Taarab’ which is a singing and dancing orchestra unique to the island, blending Arab, African and Indian influences. Some hotels will feature 'Swahili Nights' with a distinctively local Swahili Buffet and Taarab music played by Zanzibar's best. If you wish to visit any of these places, your hotel staff can easily point you in the right direction.