Zanzibar: Fishing

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

Zanzibar - the spice island is home to some of the best big game and deep sea fishing opportunities in the Indian Ocean. There are no less than six different types of billfish in the Zanzibar's Pemba channel just north of Nungwi and your chances of catching at least 3 different types in a season are really good. Besides the billfish there are huge sharks (Mako, Tiger, Thresher and Hammerhead to name but a few), tuna fishing, large Wahoo, king mackerel, dorado, barracuda, and record size giant trevally plus many others.

In peak Marlin season, the bill fish move right up to the coast line to gorge themselves on the tuna, making the north of Zanzibar very interesting for enthusiastic anglers. These fish show inexhaustible displays of strength and a chance at a personal best is very good. The tuna season runs from August to October. The season for Marlin and Sailfish runs from November till March. In between the game fish are always there. Large Tuna can reach up to 100 kg’s, with many schools of 50 kg tuna still migrating through our waters. The tuna are followed by the big marlin. The main striped marlin season runs from December through to March whilst large black and blue marlins are best caught in September till December.

Big game and deep sea fishing operators based on Zanzibar Island are all members of the International Game Fish Association and actively encourage a “catch and release” policy of all fish caught, unless they are likely to be East Africa, All Africa, World record fish, or the skipper believes that the fish is unlikely to survive release. Rates run from a half day charter of around €500 to full day charters €800.