Zanzibar: Sailing Activity Holiday

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

If your passion is sailing, you will love Zanzibar. The experience of sailing your catamaran on a sailing holiday in Zanzibar, between islands and shorelines edged by white sandy beaches in the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean will be unlikely to be matched anywhere else. Schedule your Sailing holiday in Zanzibar in September to coincide with the Tanzacat regatta. This year is the eleventh anniversary of TANZACAT, due to be held on the 12-20 September 2009, Tanzacat - All Africa Hobie Championships is a great opportunity for sailing enthusiasts to take to the waters and show everyone what they can do! TANZACAT is 10 days long and is held in Msasani Bay, Dar es Salaam.

It consists of 10 Olympic Course races and of course a sail to the exotic island of Zanzibar! What began as a small annual event is now the largest open class catamaran event in Africa with 52 catamarans manned by over 100 sailors competing in 2008. TANZACAT presents a unique opportunity to combine a sailing holiday in Zanzibar with an exciting special event.