Zanzibar: Cycling Activity Holiday

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

A cycling holiday on Zanzibar Island is a very nice way to explore the island. Historical Stone town tours by bicycle, cultural Night tours by bicycle, and Spice tours can all be done by bike or special Zanzibar cycling tours can be arranged to your wishes while you are on your Zanzibar biking holiday. The bike tours of stone town will have winding your way through the old alleyways of the town typically with a bicycle guide.

Zanzibar used to be the business center of East Africa, trading primarily in spices, ivory and slaves. The Zanzibar bike tours through Stone town then typically proceed through the open market and the former Slave market, and on your way your guide will show you many more interesting things there are to see and he/she will try you give you a clear explanation of Zanzibar’s history. The cultural night bicycle tour on Zanzibar island is designed to give you an insightful view of Swahili lifestyle. You leave the city behind you as you cycle through the suburbs following a guide, you will be invited for spice tea and when the sun sets you can climb up on one of the higher buildings to get a nice view of Stone town and its suburbs.

The Zanzibar by bike cultural night tours typically go on to the “Forodhani” to have diner, this is the place where the people meet to eat, drink tea and share the news of the day. Zanzibar is the Spice Island, a very important aspect of the history of Zanzibar. Bicycle Tours of the Zanzibar spice plantations are also available. From your cycle saddle, you will get to, first hand, smell, taste, and see the spices as they grow (and they look a lot different then in your spices cabinet at home).