Zanzibar: Culture and Arts

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

Zanzibar's name alone is evocative of spice, colourful fabrics and exotic beaches fringed by coral reefs. Located off the west coast of Tanzania, this African paradise has a rich history, tropical climate, and vibrant multi-cultural people, enough to make a cultural and arts holiday on Zanzibar island holidays unforgettable.

Zanzibar is rich in culture and art, inflected by Arab, Persian, South Asian and African traditions. Stone Town's many cobbled streets are perfect for strolling along on a culture and Arts holiday on Zanzibar Island and offer a variety of cultural and historical discoveries. In addition to the chilled island atmosphere and Stone Town's bustle, other attractions lie beneath the water. Galleries in Stone Town offer examples of early 17th century Kiswahili literature, traditional dance, folk-paintings in the tinga-tinga and shetani (devils) styles originated by Eduardo Tinga-Tinga and George Lilanga, and of the Swahili carved art. Zanzibar is an incredibly photogenic place, and is rich in all sorts of art. Art lovers will also find a selection of paintings by several Zanzibar artists, including the popular Tinga-tinga painting style, and contemporary views of Stone Town.