Zanzibar: Couples Holiday

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

Zanzibar is a top-drawer choice of an island for couple’s holiday, one with coconut palms and powder-soft coral sands washed by cobalt clear sea. The northern peninsula of Zanzibar is truly stunning, and for a couple with a passion for beaches a couple’s holiday in Zanzibar has all the elements of paradise. Here, on the northernmost tip of Zanzibar Island, the air feels fresh from its wide sea crossing and is so sensitive to the slightest change as the sun goes up and down. The sand shores up against the land in fine, blond drifts, and the beach shimmies its way around the bay.

The East Coast of Zanzibar has miles of white sand. The Ocean around the island is quite shallow and gently sloping. When the tide is out, you can walk long distances through shallow pools left warming in the sand. Crabs scuttle among the odd bits of shells and shaped coral, and women in coloured Kangas sing and chatter in Swahili as they gather around their wide fishing nets,. More than one private island with unquestionably the best beaches in Africa beckon those on a couples holiday in Zanzibar and certainly worthy of any 5-star rating. Islands surrounding yield Zanzibar’s best diving and have exceeded the expectations of thousands of Zanzibar holiday couples already many of them rating their stay as nothing less than exceptional.