Zanzibar: City Breaks

Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters

Zanzibar is an ideal destination if you are looking for a city break on the East African Coast. Your City break to Zanzibar will definitely have to include a visit to the Zanzibar Central Market. The Central Market, also called the Darajani Market, is the liveliest in the morning. In the long tin-roofed main building along the Creek Street, which opened in 1904 as the Seyyidieh Market, you can find the meat and fish sections whose pungency may well be a sensual shock for those only used to buying pre-packaged meat and fish from the supermarket.

At the market you can find a wide variety of goods, mostly due to Zanzibar’s unique historical location as the stopping point for both Indian and Arabian trading ships between India, Arabia & East Africa. Available are seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, shoes, clothing, radios, TV's, mobile telephones and much more. The market’s open stalls emanate rich aromas and entice shoppers with their purposeful layout of interesting goods. 500 Metres from the central market begin the numerous alleyways of downtown, lined with local side shops.

The atmosphere is different in these side shops, reminiscent of a gauntlet about to be run. Geared towards selling souvenirs, the bartering has a distinctive boisterous Arab flair to it. Raising one’s voice and disagreeing immediately to an initial price is not only expected, it is taken as a complement, also indicating to the seller, in a practical manner, that the buyer chooses to rise to the bartering challenge. Zanzibar town also known as Stone Town, with its population of 800000 is relatively small, therefore one city break in Zanzibar ought to cover the majority of the activities offered.