Venice: Introduction

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Introduction Venice Introduction Venice Introduction

Venice is one of the most passionate, dreamy destinations for honeymoon couples of the world, still holding its romantic charm which has remained unaltered over the centuries. The city promises to capture your heart; the sights and the sounds of the city are invigorating, making it a paradise for passionate daring lovers. The city has lots of different and breathtaking venues and cultures to discover together. The atmosphere of Venice is quite unique; the watery streets are canals which are navigated by gondolas or other small boats. Its small, traffic-free streets along the winding canals make it a great place for walking; a pedestrian’s delight, the only way to get around the city is by boat or on foot. The absence of automobile noise means you can hear the chirping and laughter of children from your window. It is a dream destination with fairytale palaces lining the curving high street of Venice. The buildings, rising from water present a mesmerising sight; Venice has a plethora of world-famous museums and artistic treasures. Venice is an enchanting city; it has always been a busy retail centre, with an emphasis on luxury goods, famous for its high quality lace and glass. Venice also offers excellent fashion and leather goods. Enjoy the excellent Italian cuisine and world class wine and coffees that are distinct to the area.