Turkey: Introduction

Bridging the East and West

Turkey Introduction Turkey Introduction Turkey Introduction

Turkey has turned itself into a hectic tourist center owing to the natural scenic beauty of the country coupled with its rich history. Turkey is the perfect destination for sun, sand and beach regulars, history aficionados, culture and art lovers as well as city bumpkins on the look out for good shopping deals, cuisines and entertainment! Western Turkey attracts the maximum amount of tourists, owing to the resorts that line the Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts, the scenic and recreational attractions, well-preserved archaeological sites and fascinating museums that bring its rich history to life. The charm of Turkey lies in its suspension between two very opposite cultures and continents. While the European influences on the country have added to its modern charms, the Middle Eastern influence has allowed it to remain a mystical land of age old traditions. With Islam as the main religion, the European influence has allowed for a breakthrough in the rigidness of thought and tradition, allowing for Christianity and Judaism to become the second most followed religions in the country. For tourists planning their holiday to Turkey, be sure to visit the country again, for its sheer beauty and exquisiteness, which is hard to come by in other tourist spots these days.