Tunisia: Resorts

A large holiday club complex in Tunisia with all-inclusive facilities and self-contained entertainment is not unusual but the line between these holiday clubs and what are simply large package holiday hotels is harder to draw in Tunisia. Naturally they are found around the main coastal resorts and will often tend to only cater for guests from one country or via only one tour operator. Facilities are usually spacious and reasonably well equipped.

Most hotels in the tourist zones are gated and/or security patrolled. Many have their own stretches of beach and plenty of onsite entertainment and sports, with the more upmarket offering spas, beauty therapy and Thalassotherapy. Given that offsite evening entertainment options of bars and clubs are more limited in Tunisia than in some other beach holiday destinations, hotels have generally had to develop more resort hotel features onsite. All of these features make the larger tourist hotels seem like holiday club resorts in Tunisia and those seeking an all-inclusive holiday in Tunisia centred around their accommodation base will not be short of choices.

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