Tunisia: Hotels

The growing popularity of holidays in Tunisia over the past few decades has resulted in a hotel boom where quality has often fallen victim to sheer quantity. By most Western European hotel standards, the star-rating system in Tunisia is best downgraded by a star to get a more accurate advance picture. That’s not to say there aren’t truly sumptuous, expertly run (and expensive) luxury hotels in Tunisia, well capable of holding their own with any destination.
Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse and Skanes focus largely on the package holiday market, delivering affordable, good value, comfortable hotels with some flavour of Tunisia but a cater-for-all approach and an often dated air.

Yasmine Hammamet, Port el Kantaoui, Sidi Bou Said and Djerba generally offer a higher class of accommodation with more sophistication and sense of place; also some establishments in Hammamet.

Unlike the more developed areas of Turkey, for example, space is not so much at a premium with pools and exterior areas often generous and pleasing. Service and ambience is usually friendly, attentive and eager to please, if not always as thoroughly professional as Western European standards, but this isn’t the Eurozone. On balance, hotels in Tunisia find a comfortable middle ground, which evidently pleases its huge numbers of holidaymakers, many returning to the same hotels for future visits. Prices are very variable, too much so to list validly here but something reasonable can be found for any budget and will often be more pleasing than its budgetary equivalents in say Turkey or the Spanish Costas. Despite the boom in budget airlines and self-booking, the best prices for week or longer stays will often still be found via tour operators.

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