Tunisia: Apartments

A wide range of holiday apartments in Tunisia are available to let, particularly in the popular tourist areas around Cap Bon, Hammamet, Port el Kantaoui, Monastir, Sousse, Skanes and on Djerba. Most tend to prefer weekly booking, but some can be found offering 1 to 3-day stays.

Price, naturally, is very dependent upon location, quality and occupancy. A basic 3-room apartment for four people in Monastir, with balcony, no pool, parking, 10 minutes to the beach can be found for 45-72TD per day, depending on the season. A more upmarket beachfront apartment in Tunisia for five at Port el Kantaoui with a terrace and pool access can range from 531-1400TD per week. A beachfront villa in Tunisia for four on a wild beach on Djerba can be found for 365-1080TD per week. Increasingly, apartments are being offered via direct booking with owners, but agents and more formally organized rentals can easily be found on the web and may be the preferred option for some.

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