Tunisia: When to go

Tunisia When to go

Tunisia’s Mediterranean climate means that its summers are hot and dry while its winters are mild. A visit in the Spring will see you catch Tunisia at its most welcoming and comfortable time, with temperatures warm but not unpleasant and most major sights open but not over-crowded. Summers tend to be scorching hot and represent the perfect opportunity for beach lovers, though be careful to stay on the coast during this time. Temperatures inland can get uncomfortably warm, and the Sahara to the south is at its most inhospitable at this time, so a desert visit is almost certainly not advisable.

If you wish to enjoy the sights of the Sahara then the best time to go is in the late part of the year, from October onwards. Summer is also particularly avoidable owing to the massive hike in prices that tourists bring during this time of year. Prices increase exponentially and the beaches of the coast fill up with package-holiday Europeans, tainting the wonders of Tunisia somewhat.

Some areas like Djerba enjoy a virtually year-round season. The Gulf of Hammamet with its gentler climate makes a popular winter sun holiday destination but is not infallible. Spring and autumn are comfortable times for a balanced experience on holiday in Tunisia. In the hotter southern regions, September to May are more comfortable months. Saharan holidays in Tunisia are best reserved for September/October or March.