Tunisia: Useful Information

Tunisia Useful Information

- Tunisia, whilst very tolerant, is a predominantly Muslim country.
- Credit cards are accepted and ATMs are widely available.
- Women should be careful to avoid unnecessary contact with Tunisian men, who are known for being particularly sleazy and harassing. If you are touched then a good phrase to know is ‘Harem alek’, Arabic for ‘Shame on you’.
- Arabic and French are the two most widely spoken languages in Tunisia.
- Extending a visa is an arduous process and can only be done through the government authorities in the capital, Tunis.
- Several scenes from the movie Star Wars were filmed in Tunisia.
- The currency is the Tunisian Dinar.
- The Power supply is 220V AC in hotels.
- The tap water is not drinkable.
- Do not take photos of the police or military.
- Avoid eating from food stalls on street corners.
- Pork is not widely eaten owing to the country’s Muslim religion.