Tunisia: Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Fly in to Tunis. Upon arrival at Tunis airport, transfer to your hotel and ease into your first night in Africa with an authentic meal.

Day 2: Take a morning visit to the Bardo Museum followed by an afternoon guided tour of Tunis medina.

Day 3: Book on a full day excursion to the Roman sites of Thuburbo Majus and Dougga stopping en route at Zaghouan. You can usually get a reasonable price for this trip and there’s more culture than you can shake a Roman stick at.

Day 4: This is really the time to see the beautiful city of Carthage. Take a full day guided tour of Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.

Day 5: Take most of this day to tie up any loose ends you might have in Tunis, including gift ideas and then you head to Kairouan.

Day 6: Start with a full day guided tour of Kairouan and El Jem.

Day 7: Drive from Kairouan to Tamerza stopping at the Roman site of Sbeitla.

Day 8: Take the opportunity to take the scenic Red Lizard train before an afternoon visiting the oases of southwest Tunisia.

Day 9: Start out on a long drive to the desert via the Chott el Jerid. Spend the night at Pansea in Ksar Ghilane.

Day 10: Today is another long drive to the island of Jerba via Matmata, stay at the Radisson SAS Resort and Thalasso for two nights.

Day 11: This is the time to take out a hard-earned beach day. There are plenty of beautiful ones to choose from in this region. Get any last-minute items and keepsakes before turning your thoughts to one last fabulous dinner.

Day 12: Head back via Tunis airport.