Tunisia: Main Facts

Tunisia Main Facts

Geographical Location
Found on the northernmost tip of continental Africa with Algeria to its west and Libya

Land/Sea Boundaries
Tunisia’s northwestern border is with Algeria and the shorter southeastern border joins Libya.

Arabic is Tunisia’s main language with French almost an official second language and taught from primary school onwards. In the main tourist zones, English is quite widely but not always well spoken, as are many European languages. Inland, however, visitors will need at least some French.

The Tunisian Dinar or TD is the national currency but is not traded outside Tunisia.
Visitors can only exchange money on arrival in Tunisia and may not take dinars out of the country. On exit, visitors may change back 30 per cent of their original Tunisian currency exchanged to a maximum of 100TD. Keep any exchange receipts from the original transaction to show on exit. Therefore money needs to be managed carefully during a holiday in Tunisia. There are plenty of ATMS in tourist zones and towns and those bearing the Visa, Mastercard or Eurocard symbols will usually accept foreign bankcards. Outside of large shops and hotels or high-end restaurants, credit card payment is not generally accepted.