Tunisia: Crime

Tunisia Crime

• Visitors new to Tunisia may initially be alarmed by the relatively high numbers of police and security officials on show and by levels of security around hotels and their beaches. With borders to Algeria and Libya, policing is careful and high profile, but largely to discourage crime rather than because of high crime levels.
• Petty crime does exist and pickpockets, most often not Tunisian, certainly operate in the larger tourist areas and around the medinas so it pays to take care with money and valuables. Sleeping on beaches is not advised and rarely possible, since most are patrolled regularly.
• Police officers will generally only speak French or Arabic.
• Be aware that attempting to import or export drugs or pornographic material carries heavy
• penalties.
• Though Westerners may be stared at with great interest in more outlying areas, this is usually nothing more than harmless and friendly curiosity.