Tunisia: Costs

Tunisia Costs

In general Tunisia still represents excellent value for money against most popular Mediterranean destinations. Typical costs can be:

Hotels: 80TD upwards for good 3 star
Beer/lager 4TD
Table wine 10TD
Bottle of whisky 120TD
Can of Coke 1-2TD
Cup of coffee 0.50TD
Breakfast 3-5TD
Light lunch 5-15TD
Dinner three courses, good restaurant plus drinks 50TD
Imported cigarettes pack of 20 5TD
Taxis 0.36TD/km

In Sterling –

Hostel Room: £7 upwards
Hotel room: £12 upwards
Breakfast: £5
Lunch: £10
Three course dinner: £22
Pack of Cigarettes: £2.50
Coca Cola (ltr): £0.50
Bottle of Wine: £5 upwards
Toothpaste: £0.50
Can of Beer: £0.45
Chocolate Bar: £0.30
30 mins in a web café: £1