Tunisia: Well-being and Spa

The recent growth in Thalassotherapy breaks in Tunisia – spa and sea treatments exploiting Tunisia’s rich seas and coastal minerals – is creating some very swanky spa hotels in Tunisia and a booming area of the country's tourism industry. The Carthaginians first developed warm seawater or Thalassotherapy treatments before even the Romans and Tunisian waters are rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements. Hammam baths are also another staple feature of Tunisia and found onsite in many of the larger hotels.

There are some outstanding spa and well-being hotels in Yasmine Hammamet, in the north such as The Residence near Carthage, near Port el-Kantaoui at the 5-star Hasdrubal and now on Djerba such as international chain Moevenpick's fabulous Ulysse Palace, which can offer well-being breaks as good as anywhere in the world.