Tunisia: Party Holiday - Singles Life

With a very wide range of tourist hotels in Tunisia catering for most age groups and nationalities from the Eurozone, a party holiday in Tunisia can be lively, particularly if the group is more oriented to the good range of daytime activities and excursions easily available. While the larger resorts such as Hammamet and Monastir have night clubs and bars, even some open-air beach clubs, serious nightlife partygoers will most likely find the evening bar and club scene in more well-trodden party destinations such as Ibiza, the Greek Islands, coastal Spain or Turkey able to offer a far greater and more developed range, along with a more up-for-it atmosphere and crowd by night.

Singles holidays in Tunisia are available, for example with companies such as travelone.co.uk, but the target market will tend to be 30 and more often aimed at finding suitable accommodation for single holidaymakers to reduce excessive single occupancy charges and place them among a like-minded crowd or help arrange activity or theme packages. Large, highly organised 18-30 -style holiday centres and parties are not currently operating in Tunisia.