Tunisia: Family Holiday

Family holidays in Tunisia are the major source of revenue for tourism in Tunisia. The coastal resorts make ideal family holiday destinations with established hotels and beaches, plenty of daytime activities, all-inclusive deals for catering-free holidays and safe, proven resorts.

The very nature of many Tunisian tourist hotels with good security, outside space, a range of food including the easily familiar, plenty of staff on hand and organized activities lends itself well to taking children on holiday. With a wealth of sightseeing possible, that fact that many of the inland sights are usually accessed via organized or guided tours makes adds another practical and worry-free plus to family breaks in Tunisia. Visitors will find a very child-friendly culture in which family plays a very important role in the nation’s daily life and thinking.

The greatest risk is perhaps from the heat and sun where care must be taken, particularly with the very young. Inland heat can be intense and the Tunisian sun is powerful and not to be underestimated.

The greatest part of the five million or so visitors taking holidays in Tunisia will indeed be families, many returning for subsequent holidays. Where family holidays may falter is in the later teenage bracket, due to the relative lack of evening venues and entertainment suited to tourists.