Tenerife: Introduction

350km of beautiful coast, tropical forests and volcanic valleys

Tenerife Introduction Tenerife Introduction Tenerife Introduction Tenerife Introduction

Tenerife is an extremely popular holiday destination and being the largest of the Canary Islands offers visitors a plethora of things to do. Boasting no less than 269 kilometers of stunning coastline, Tenerife is the ideal choice for beach lovers, providing an impressive range of beaches including black volcanic sand beaches and white-sand beaches – with sand imported from the Sahara Desert. Dotted with traditional whitewashed villages, dramatic rugged landscapes and impressive flora and fauna it really is no wonder that Tenerife is a favourite amongst visitors.

Due to the island’s location 100 kilometres off the Western coast of North Africa, Tenerife boasts a year-round sunny climate - creating a destination ideal for sun seekers. Whatever your age you are sure to find a host of activities and worthwhile places to visit on the island. Families can visit the famous Parque Loro, which houses a range of animals including tigers, dolphins and an abundance of exotic birds. Adults can enjoy the lively nightlife which is prevalent on the island or simply sit down and enjoy the local wine and cuisine in a traditional restaurant.

The most popular place to visit in Tenerife is Puerto de la Cruz - an old colonial town which is located within the Orotava valley on the Northern coast of the island. While Tenerife's sun-soaked, resort-packed and beach laden southern zone attracts sun-seeking tourists by the thousands, the northern coast is - from a cultural stand point - far more intriguing. Nestled into the sweeping hillsides, lush banana plantations and rugged, scenic coastlines typical of the northern region, you will find fascinating cities and towns overflowing with a typical Canarian personality that the southern coastline has long since lost.

The tourist resorts located in the South are also worth a visit and they are better suited for watersports and boast a warmer climate. Why not hire a car and visit more than one place in one trip? Whether you are a nature lover, sun seeker or ardent adventurer, Tenerife is sure to suit your every need.