Tehran: Hotels

Modern and traditional, secular and religious, rich and poor

The budget traveller in particular will be best suited to hotels in Tehran. Basic facilities and levels of privacy can be found for as low as 6 Euros per night for a tiny single room. This for a room in a hotel near Imam Khomeini Square is particularly reasonable for an area relatively safe and well served by local transport links. Double rooms on a shoestring will probably cost you no more than 10 Euros at most friendly and well-run establishments. Medium-range customers can expect to pay up to 15 Euros for a double room more centrally located in Tehran. One cultural highlight is the Hotel Naderi – an old famous hotel, noted for being the meeting place of writers and intellectuals. Top-of-the-range facilities can cost you anything from 65 Euros per night to 250 Euros. Booking can be done online via various portals.

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