Tehran: Food Guide - Dining Out

Modern and traditional, secular and religious, rich and poor

Iranian food is a very important and integral part of their lives and culture. It is often described as a thing of great beauty and forms an essential part of celebrated family life. Some local specialities you are likely to come across are things like felafels, abgoosht stew (mostly sold in places called ghahvekhuneh), kebabs and soups (known as aash). Iran also has a variety of fast-food specialities – Boof is similar to McDonalds and sells varieties of beef burgers; SFC is the Iranian version of KFC (selling chicken) as well as a variety of local cuisines from neighbours such as Turkey, as well as popular exported cuisine such as Thai and Indian. Cheap meals out can be snapped up for less than 2 Euros, mid-market restaurants will cost you in and around 10 Euros per head and the most swanky places will cost you in excess of 50 Euros per head.