Tasmania: Hotels

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Tasmania Hotels

Tasmania offers the traveller an extremely wide range of accommodation throughout the year. This includes homely bed and breakfasts, world-class luxury hotels, youth hostels, and smart apartments. There is plenty of accommodation for the luxury traveller, but there is still plenty of budget accommodation as well. Advance bookings are recommended during summer holiday season from December to February, as well as over the Easter and Christmas/New Year periods. Browse our Tasmania accommodation links for the latest deals online.

Hotels in Tasmania

You will have plenty of choice when it comes to staying in a hotel in Tasmania. The standard of accommodation can vary and the star rating for Tasmania's hotels is really about the facilities (e.g. a telephone, and/or television in each room etc) they offer, rather than the quality of individual accommodation. Quality is what matters to most to hotel guests, meaning star ratings are very limited in the information they provide. For example, a hotel that has 24- hour room service, housekeeping, a concierge service and a choice of dining facilities will almost certainly qualify for five-star status, even if it has not been refurbished for 20 years. All this means that you should really do some research in advance if you are thinking of staying in a particular hotel.

That said, the quality of hotel accommodation is generally very high. For example, in a “good” 3 star hotel in Hobart, you can expect to pay between £50 and £62 per person per night, excluding breakfast (which is about £6 extra for a full breakfast). For this price, you should expect the rooms to be very well maintained and to receive first class service. Similarly, in Launceston at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, you will pay an average price of £76 per person, although you can sometimes share a double room for half of this rate. At a hotel such as this, you should expect to be made to feel very welcome and to have someone help you with your luggage, for example. Your room should have all of the amenities you would expect (telephone, television, tea and coffee facilities etc.) and it should be both clean and comfortable.