Tasmania: Costs

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Tasmania Costs

The cost of living in Australia is about 10% less than in the US, and slightly less than in the UK. The cost of living in Tasmania is close to or below the Australian average. The costs of travel and accommodation are also likely to be lower if you visit outside the peak season.

Some typical costs in Tasmania are:
2 litres of milk: £1.63
Full breakfast: £4 - £7
Single room in a B&B: £35 - £50 per night
Single room in a 3 star hotel: £50 - £70
250g block of milk chocolate: £1.99
Whisky (30ml measure): £1.97
Baked beans in tomato sauce (420g): 45p
Taxi from Hobart airport to the City: £16 to £19
Usual taxi tariff (per mile): £1.30
Pint of beer: £2.50
Litre of petrol: 65p
Bar of toilet soap: £2.24
Coffee, instant (150g jar): £3.70
Bread white loaf, sliced (650g): £1.34
Teabags (180g pkt): £2.20