Tasmania: Surfing

Top Destination for 2009

There is plenty of choice in Tasmania when it comes to catching the waves, especially if you are prepared to travel. Another great thing about surfing in Tasmania is that the beaches are seldom crowded. If you want the biggest waves, then you should go to the south of the island. Shipstern Bluff, for instance, is reputed to have Australia's heaviest wave. Bruny Island’s Cloudy Bay faces the Southern Ocean and is famed for its really big breaks, as is South Cape Bay, which is accessible from Cockle Creek. Here, surfers carry their boards on a four and a half mile (7 kilometre) walk through the bush of a World Heritage Area to reach the beach. In the west, Marrawah’s big Southern Ocean groundswells challenge even the most skilled surfers. In the Hobart area, the beaches at Park and Clifton are favoured by the locals. Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula usually has good waves. On the east coast, from Orford to Bicheno, you will find good surfing beaches. Along the north coast, Bass Strait generates waves at a string of good beaches. You should try Tam O’Shanter, north-east of Launceston, or the mouth of the Mersey at Devonport. Tasmania provides wonderful opportunities for a surfing holiday.