Tasmania: Snorkeling

Top Destination for 2009

Tasmania provides many excellent opportunities for the snorkelling. You will find hundreds of sites along its 5,400 kilometres (2,796 miles) of coastline, and experiences for both beginners and advanced snorkelers. Tasmania is home to some of the best temperate diving in the whole world and has a diverse and easily accessible underwater wilderness that will enthral you. Tasmania's spectacular coastline and clear waters, where visibility ranges from 13 yards (12 metres) in the summer to 43.5 yards (40 metres) or more in the winter, make for superb snorkelling. The island state's waters are home to a host of unique marine animals and plants; you can explore the giant kelp forests, sponge gardens and caves, or find sea dragons and amazing invertebrates. The Tasman Peninsula offers spectacular dive sites, ranging from vast kelp forests through to brilliant caves and canyons. One of the best places to go snorkelling on Tasmania's coast is Freycinet and Coles Bay. If you've never done any snorkelling, Tasmania is a great place to take the plunge and learn.