Tasmania: Sky Diving

Top Destination for 2009

Why not try tandem sky diving while on your holiday in Tasmania? In Tasmania, you can! You will be suited up in skydiving gear and professional skydiving instructors will run through a few "dirt dives" with you. This enables you to practise skydiving exits from a mock aircraft. You will also be taught the basics of parachute canopy control and safe landing procedures. Once you feel confident with this, you can enjoy a 20-minute flight to an altitude of 10,000ft, where after a final check, you hop out and take the quick way down – skydiving back to earth! Once your parachute opens, you have the intensely serene experience and one of the world's greatest views. The beauty of tandem skydiving is that it requires none of the usual intensive skydiving training, but offers all of the thrills. Tandem skydiving weekends are held in Swansea; it costs about £200 for a jump.