Tasmania: Sightseeing

Top Destination for 2009

Tasmania provides the visitor with an abundance of sightseeing opportunities. Your main problem will be trying to fit everything in, as Tasmania offers such a wide variety of different things to see for people of all ages and every taste and interest. From its rugged mountains, rolling green hills and raging rivers you will see one of the world’s most picturesque islands, much of which has World Heritage status. In Tasmania's wilderness, you can discover spectacular landscapes, from highlands carved by glaciers to quiet, solitary beaches; from cool, silent rainforests to colourful, alpine wilderness wild flowers. However, there is even more to Tasmania than breathtaking landscapes, the island state has a fascinating history, being one of the first Australian territories to be settled by Europeans. For example, no trip to Tasmania would be complete without visiting the Port Arthur Penal Colony. Built by convict labour, its impressive architecture, delightful gardens and chilling prison facilities survive today for you to explore. Today, Tasmanian culture lives and breathes in its historic sites, arts and towns. The people and events that left their mark on Tasmanian history and life are still there today and you can see their imprint wherever you travel.