Tasmania: Nightlife

Top Destination for 2009

Tasmania is not renowned for its nightlife, but it still has some attractions worth investigating. Salamanca in Hobart has a number of traditional pubs and restaurants. Hobart also has a number of good clubs, one of which is the club in the Casino, which plays mostly top 40. The other is Sonic, which is on the waterfront and plays mostly by house music. Both clubs are very popular and you may find yourself queuing for a while. Hobart also has a reputation for having good DJs. You would be at home in either club if you are used to clubbing in the best parts of Melbourne. However, the clubs in Hobart close early by Australian standards. Launceston has a number of bars, and a few clubs, but the nightlife is on a much smaller scale than Hobart. Launceston's bars and clubs are frequented by an older clientele too. One of the best venues in Launceston is said to be the Saloon at the Maritime College.