Tasmania: Fishing

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Tasmania Fishing

Whether you like sea angling, or whether you would like to try your hand at fishing in some of the many lakes and rivers, Tasmania will provide you with a wealth of fishing opportunities. You can fish from a remote beach, on a highland lake, or cast a line for blue fin tuna. If the thought of fishing for wild brown trout in a glacial highland lake sounds appealing, Tasmania is an angler’s paradise. Put on a pair of waders and find yourself standing thigh-deep in some of the best trout fishing waters in the world. What is more, there are plenty of experienced guides will teach you the art of fly fishing on Tasmania's internationally acclaimed lakes. When it comes to game fishing, Tasmania's game fishing area is home to more than 20 national game fish records. You should not forget sea and salt water fishing either, because Tasmanian estuaries and coastal lagoons are home to shoals of bream and other marine species, just ready to bite. You do not need a licence for salt water or marine fishing with a rod and line, but an Inland Fisheries Licence is required for any fishing in inland waters, which includes some river mouths and estuaries.