Tasmania: Cycling - Mountain Biking

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Tasmania Cycling - Mountain Biking

The wide variety of terrains in Tasmania makes the island state a great location for cycling. You will find ever-changing scenery as you cycle at your own pace across a sparsely populated island. Many Tasmanian roads generally have low levels of traffic, so they are ideal for a cycling adventure. What is more, Tasmania's compact geography means that most cycle routes include varied landscapes. However, remember that Tasmania's undulating terrain will challenge your pedal power, but should improve physical fitness. You can cycle through quaint historic villages at leisurely a leisurely pace. There is no shortage of cycle tours available in Tasmania, from exhilarating mountain descents to relaxing wine, food and heritage experiences where all you need to do is roll up to the gate. You can take one of many coastal routes and cycle past some of the island’s most popular beaches, and be sure to keep an eye out for its unique wildlife! In Tasmania's major towns there are plenty of places where you can hire bikes, helmets and other equipment at reasonable prices. You can usually book cycling tours there too. The typical costs for hiring a cycle or mountain bike in Tasmania are from about £5 for half a day, and £7.50 for a full day.