Tasmania: Canoeing

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Tasmania Canoeing

You can explore Tasmania's unspoiled coastline by canoe or kayak. The calm waters around Hobart are ideal for a gentle paddle, but you can be more adventurous too. There are plenty of kayak guides based in Hobart, Kettering, Port Arthur, Coles Bay, Launceston and Strahan, so you will not be short of expert help if you need it. In Tasmania you will have the opportunity to try all types of canoeing and kayaking from white water, flat water and ocean kayaking. With more than 2,796 miles (5,400 kilometres) of coastline, locations for canoeing are virtually limitless in Tasmania. It is even possible to canoe around the whole island, if you are brave enough! On the other hand, you could just paddle around Hobart’s waterways on your own, or perhaps try a multi-day kayak expedition. Another good spot for canoeing is Bathurst Harbour in the remote Southwest National Park. You could try the sheltered coves around Kettering, or paddle past the impressive dolerite cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula on a fully guided kayak tour. Tasmania’s east coast lends itself as another paradise for the canoeist, where you can take short and multi-day tours in the stunning Freycinet National Park.