Tasmania: Skiing - Snow Boarding

Top Destination for 2009

Despite its mountainous terrain and southern latitude, Tasmania does not have much snowfall, largely because of its small land-mass surrounded by ocean. The length of Tasmanian ski runs may be a little short, but they can be really steep. You will enjoy skiing in Tasmania if you prefer ski slopes and ski fields not to be overcrowded and if don't mind the scarcity of ski resorts. If you are thinking of skiing in Tasmania, then you might like to try Nordic, or cross-country skiing. In practical terms, this means heading out into the wilderness and camping in the snow. Depending on your level of skill, you could regard this as a winter hiking trip, or a way of looking for those extra steep chutes away from the resorts. Take a day or weekend to try some of the back-country trails and explore Tasmania's beautiful plateaux. One of the most spectacular is in the Mount Field National Park, which is the ski field for the south, where the method of getting up the hill is still rope tows. On the Rodway Range you will find more than enough that is vertical to satisfy your desire for excitement. Other good skiing spots are Cradle Mountain in the Central Highlands and Lake St Clair. Another important location for skiing is Ben Lomond 60 kilometres southeast of Launceston, which is Tasmania's major downhill ski resort. It offers a full range of facilities for downhill skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. On-snow accommodation is available at the Ben Lomond Creek Inn. The Alpine Village is located at the base of the lift system. Typical prices for skiing package at Ben Lomond, including lessons are: £55 for adults and less for children, depending on age. The equivalent package for snowboarding is £60. Tasmania is a good location for a skiing holiday.