Tasmania: Party Holiday - Singles Life

Top Destination for 2009

Ten years ago, dedicated singles holidays were taken mainly by women who were content to spend a week on the beach. Nowadays activity-based, adventure holidays attract more men. These holidays also draw a mix of ages, from thirties to seventies. Most singles specialists offer half-board packages, while social activities such as welcome cocktail parties and farewell parties are often built into the itinerary. You will find many opportunities for singles holidays in Tasmania, whether you want to visit as an independent traveller, or perhaps join one of the increasing number of package tours aimed at the singles market. Tasmania is a relatively safe travelling environment, so travelling alone should not be a problem. For the budget traveller, Tasmania's ample provision of youth hostels provides excellent accommodation for the single traveller, as well as opportunities to meet other travellers and to make new friends. There are increasing numbers of organised tours that cater for single people, some of which are targeted at particular age groups, whilst others cater for all ages. Many of these include trekking, adventure and activity based elements, of which Tasmania has much to offer. A typical 7 day tour in Western Tasmania, trekking from Launceston through the Cradle Mountain National Park, to Stahan, Lake St Clair and back to Launceston would cost ï¿¡1,222 (ï¿¡1,297 with a single supplement). The price includes full-board accommodation, guides, bus fares, transfers and National Park fees. If all of the outdoor activity doesn't tire you out, Tasmania dose have some night life and places to party, although you will not find that much. Your best bet is probably in Hobart, where there are several nightclubs and the city has a reputation for having good DJs. Launceston also has several nightclubs. Tasmania is a good location for a singles holiday, but don't expect a 24 hour party.