Tasmania: Hiking Activity Holiday

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Tasmania Hiking Activity Holiday

Tasmania is famed for its wilderness trails and tracks throughout the world. With over a third of Tasmania's land mass protected as National Parks and World Heritage Areas, there is no shortage of wonderful scenery in which to walk. At the same time, Tasmania's diverse and ancient landscape offers a true wilderness that is accessible in this compact island state, which is home to plants and wildlife that are unique. Tasmania offers spectacular scenery for walking enthusiasts, which is made all the more accommodating by its temperate maritime climate. Tasmania has walks for every level of fitness and experience. There are more than 60 short walks that will take you into rainforests, along ancient sea cliffs, beside turquoise seas and over jagged mountain peaks. There are also multi-day treks for walkers who like their independence, or want to stretch themselves but prefer the comfort of a cabin, a shower and a meal waiting for you at the end of each day. A hiking holiday in Tasmania will take you along well-maintained tracks and you will have the support of knowledgeable park rangers and top quality guides too – if you want them. Perhaps most importantly, you will be far away from any crowds. You can walk the coastal beaches of the Bay of Fires or head deep into the wilderness of the south west and it will seem as if you are the only person on earth. Tasmania's most famous trek, The Overland Track, takes you on a six day scenic adventure from Cradle Mountain to Australia’s deepest lake, Lake St Clair. You will hike through everything from majestic dolerite peaks and alpine lakes to rocky gorges and button grass plains. Most walkers prefer hiking from the north to the south, and you might want to branch of at some point along the well-marked track, to visit spectacular sites such as Mount Ossa, which Tasmania’s highest mountain. There are plenty of other hiking trails in Tasmania too. Why not fly to Melaleuca and challenge yourself on the South Coast Track? Alternatively, the Tasmanian Trail covers over 300 miles (480 kilometres) from Bass Strait to the Southern Ocean, beginning in Devonport and finishing in Dover. These are just a few of the many wonderful experiences you could have on a hiking holiday in Tasmania.