Tasmania: Gay and Lesbian

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Tasmania Gay and Lesbian

Tasmania is a popular destination for gay and lesbian travellers. The State is well known for its friendliness, and you’ll find an open welcome extended wherever you choose to stay, dine or visit. In fact, Tasmania has had a long association with homosexuality. In the first half of the nineteenth century, Tasmania was the final destination for prisoners from across the British Empire, some of whom, both men and women, were sentenced for ‘crimes against nature’. Many of them engaged in same-sex sexual activity in Tasmania and some even formed committed same-sex relationships. However, this did not meet with universal approval at the time. By the 1920s there was a lively gay community in Hobart. At about the same time, there was a circle of lesbian writers and performers in the city. Homosexuality was still against the law and remained so until campaigners took to the streets of Hobart in the 1980s to protest against the archaic legislation. As a result of a prolonged and eventually effective campaign, Tasmania now some of the most effective same sex laws in Australia. As a gay traveller in Tasmania, you will find great selection of quality gay friendly self-catering houses. Above all, Tasmania is a place where you can come as you are and be warmly welcomed with a smile, it's why many Gay Men and Lesbians now call this place home. The Gay and Lesbian Travel Association of Tasmania has a website (www.galtat.com) that lists gay-owned and gay friendly accommodation, as well as providing advice for gay travellers in Tasmania. There are also many tour packages that are gay-friendly, or that are specifically aimed at the gay market. A typical gay-friendly package in Tasmania might be to Peppers Seaport in Launceston. The price per person for 2 nights, based on a city view weekend room rate, is £100. Tasmania is a great place for the gay or lesbian traveller.