Tasmania: Culture and Arts

Top Destination for 2009

Tasmanian culture lives and breathes in its historic sites, arts and towns. The people and events that left their mark on Tasmanian history and life are still there today and you can see their imprint wherever you travel. Tasmania has a strong and vibrant cultural life. Tasmania's pace of living is more relaxed than the rest of Australia and its overall lack of pretension, has attracted writers, artists and performers. Even though Tasmania has less than three per cent of Australia's population, it is home to nine per cent of its artists. Moreover, the Island State's culture has been enriched by its Aboriginal heritage, as well as the subsequent overlays of European, Asian and African influences. You will find a rich cultural heritage and living culture almost everywhere you go in Tasmania, but one of the places where the cultural life is most manifest in this most cultural of islands is Hobart. Hobart is the home of Tasmania's own Symphony Orchestra, which is nationally and internationally renowned for interpretation of baroque and classical works. The Orchestra performs regularly in the capital, as well as throughout the state. The Tasmanian Museum and Art gallery has wonderful exhibits of work by colonial artists, and the natural dioramas will definitely leave an impression. You should also see the work of local artists at the many art galleries that line Salamanca Place, and definitely take a Saturday morning to visit the market there. It is also worth checking the local guides for music and theatre events, and take an evening to visit the waterfront taverns and clubs. All in all, Tasmania is a wonderful location for a culture and arts holiday.