Tasmania: Backpacking

Top Destination for 2009

Tasmania Backpacking

Tasmania is well and truly on the world's backpacking circuit. The island state is also within easy reach of the Australian mainland and can make a welcome change from the sweltering heat, vast distances and desert. You will find plenty of hostel accommodation throughout the island and a lively backpacker culture. If you need to supplement your income you should be aware that seasonal employment is sometimes scarce, but that there are opportunities picking fruit on the islands many fruit farms. However, the sheer drama of the scenery and opportunities for adventure and socialising more than make up for the lack of work. There is a wealth backpacker-style accommodation and hostels in Tasmania's major towns and near national parks. Tasmania is the easiest place to explore if you are travelling with a pack on your back. Compared with the rest of Australia, it is a compact island and you can buy a bus pass that will take you to most locations without spending too much. Tasmanian backpacker lodges and youth hostels are the best places to meet other backpackers and are a wonderful place to share stories, travel ideas and to make new friends. Tasmania is a wonderful place for a backpacking holiday.