Tanzania: Introduction

Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro...

Tanzania Introduction Tanzania Introduction Tanzania Introduction

Tanzania, is the largest country in East Africa and boasts some of the continent's most formidable sights: Mt. Kilimanjaro, the plains of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and the “cradle of mankind” Oldupai Gorge. The country is world renowned as a fabulous safari destination – the word 'safari' originated here and is Kiswahili for journey. A journey to Tanzania boasts an unforgettable coastline along the Indian Ocean, volcanic terrain, wide open spaces, impressive mountain ranges, and historic towns and villages in Zanzibar.

Visitors to Tanzania will enjoy not only the rich African and traditional flair of the capital Dodoma, and Dar Es Salaam but also the laid back lifestyle and myriad of markets, local museums and beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. Tanzania has an undeniably diverse natural beauty (archipelago islands, ocean, mountain ranges, volcanoes, national parks, game reserves, white sandy beaches and famous Lake Victoria and Lake Manyara).

In both Tanzania's urban and rural areas you will countless reminders of the country's rich history both African and colonial such as historic churches, museums, and extravagant homes of the sultans in Zanzibar. You will also find no shortage of water sports and outdoor activities. Expect world-class mountain climbing and scuba diving, wildlife safaris in the national parks, mountain biking, hiking and of course sunbathing.

Tanzania is undeniably a country with economic struggles but few countries can boast the stunning beaches and scenery, cultural museums and local traditions, fantastic local eateries, national parks and wildlife reserves as can Tanzania. In short, Tanzania is a beautiful and exotic location for all visitors.