Tahiti: Introduction

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

Tahiti Introduction Tahiti Introduction Tahiti Introduction Tahiti Introduction

Tahiti is in South Polynesia, which is a French territory, and is part of the Society Islands that was once inhabited by the infamous Captain Cook. Honeymooners come from all corners of the globe to have a romantic trip of a lifetime in Tahiti.

Tahiti has miles of sun kissed coastline that are utterly exquisite, the luminous blue shoreline makes this island one of the most beautiful in the world. Water sports such as water skiing, surfing and diving are just a few of the marine activities on offer.

Tahiti celebrates its expanse of south pacific sea, by having yearly canoeing and surfing competitions, while this competitive sporting culture is echoed inland too. There is an international golf competition held annually. Besides the endless events on offer, there are cultural delights too. Gauguin’s trip to Tahiti is recorded in The Paul Gauguin Museum, which exhibits many of Gauguin’s originals and prints that depict Tahitian life, and is free to get in, so is well worth a visit.
The Museum of Tahiti and her islands tells the fascinating story of Tahiti and it neighbouring lands, such as Bora Bora and Moorea. You can step into Tahiti’s history at the The Ancient Maraes and Archaeological Sights, where you can see the ruins of this south Polynesian island.
A trip to Le Marche is a must, pearls, Tahitian carvings and shell necklaces are just a few items on sale. See shells and fish in all their glory from Tahitian lagoons at the shell museum.

Tahiti is a magical island, and is a heavenly haven for all holidaymakers.