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Sweden Lodges

Lodges in Sweden

Cabins, or Stugor, as the Swedish call it are a great option for accommodation in Sweden. Usually situated alongside campsites, these Swedish lodges/cabins come complete with bunk beds, kitchen, and equipment. The only thing they don’t provide, on the whole, is bed linen. Because of the location of these places, they are not usually free for long –especially during the high season, so if you do want to book a Swedish cabin, book sooner rather than later. They usually cost about €33-48 for a four-bedroom cabin. Other cabin-type accommodation can be found in the mountainous regions where the Swedish Tourist Association run a number of mountain huts – also known as fjallstationer. There are, however, cottages and cabins all across Sweden catering to both tourists and holidaying Swedes alike, so do try looking for cabin villages across the country.

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