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Varying from season to season and, in some cases, days of the week, the cost of staying in a hotel in Sweden is variable. Low season falls between the middle of June and mid-August, so you’re likely to get a bargain for your stay over the weekend: so a long weekend in a Swedish hotel at this time could make for a great escape. One handy thing to remember when booking a hotel in Sweden is that it is usually more expensive from Sunday to Thursday, because they are cashing in on business travelers. The cost of a room in a Swedish hotel is usually between €45–57, depending on whether it’s double or single. This may rise to between €67-95 if you’re booking between Sunday and Thursday, during the off-peak period. Another money-saving tip is that Sweden offers a hotel pass scheme which allows you to pay in advance for vouchers/cheques which can then be traded in for discounts, or free accommodation in specific hotel chains around Sweden. It is also worthwhile remembering that what a stay in a hotel in Sweden offers, other forms of accommodation may not. Generally, self-service buffet breakfasts are included in the price of your stay, a consideration which can make a real difference to your budget.

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