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Hostels in Sweden

If the idea of youth hostels conjures up drafty, ill-equipped buildings, think again. If you’re going to stay in a youth hostel anywhere in the world, Sweden is one of the best. The Swedish Tourist Association has a chain of over 300 youth hostelsareound the country – largely in the south, but there are quite a few in the north, too – youth hostels in Sweden are usually clean, comfortable, child-friendly and situated in some of the most unlikely places. Do not be surprised if you come across a hostel in an old stately home, prison or castle, on your travels. You can either share a room, for as little as 130-200Kr, or pay extra for your own private double room. Booking online, and becoming a member of Hostelling International will also guarantee reservations and reduced rates, in many cases; a real bonus at peak times of the year when Swedish families are also making hostel reservations as a cheaper hotel alternative. Non-members of Hostelling International may be charged 45Kr more than a member.

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