Sweden: Cycling Activity Holiday

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Sweden Cycling Activity Holiday

Sweden is a fantastic place to plan a cycling holiday, as it is both beautiful and cycle-friendly with good way marked cycle routes spread throughout the country. There are not many large mountains when compared to other popular cycling holiday destinations like Norway, but it is by no means flat. This makes it ideal for beginners as well as experienced riders. Stockholm is also extremely bicycle-friendly if you are planning to spend of your Swedish holiday some time in the capital city.

Sweden has quite a few National Cycle Routes, which include cycle paths and quiet roads. There are also good local routes in the more suburban areas but these are not as well marked as they are in Holland and Denmark. Keep your wits about you though as cycle rout markers occasionally disappear and then reappear, a good map of the local area is advisable at times. The routes in the town and cities are marked with black signs with the local destinations marked whereas the national signs merely give you the name of the route and no information of the destination.