Sweden: Culture and Arts

More than just flatpack furniture!

Combine its cutting edge design and impressive cultural heritage and Sweden becomes a must for anyone looking for culture and arts-based holiday. Culture and arts manifest themselves in a variety of places in Sweden, particularly Stockholm. Art and culture is all around Stockholm, so it is not difficult to incorporate it into your trip to Sweden. In Stockholm, you can learn more about the history of the Nobel Prize and its somewhat complicated structure, at the Nobel Museum, feast upon the art, theatre and culture housed under the roof of the city’s Kulturehuset, or Culture House, or steep yourself in the history of the Swedish royal family by taking a trip to the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan. As well as a number of galleries and museums providing a better insight into Sweden’s architectural and design past, present and future, Drottningholm Theatre, 12 Km west of Stockholm, will be a bonus for any opera lover.